Randy Heart

Randy Heart is an American artist/entrepreneur born in Portsmouth, Virginia, on October 31, 1984. Randy’s parents  both served in the Navy, which allowed him to live in other countries, like Italy and Puerto Rico among them. This early exposure to different cultures proved to have significant influence on the person Randy has now to become. Randy was raised in Macon, Georgia. As a young boy, he developed a passion for painting, which he eventually turned into a business endeavor. Randy began by designing and selling t-shirts to friends and family and soon developed and shared his artistic passion on a grander scale. After graduating from Northeast High School in Macon, Randy received his Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts from American University in Atlanta, in 2007. Thereafter, he began exhibiting his work in galleries and exhibits from Atlanta to Washington, DC.

In 2010, Randy created Parker Cloud, a fictional character who serves as a euphoric leader in his community and classroom. Parker’s best friend, Billow, a talking cloud soon followed. Billow stems from Parker’s imagination and helps Parker spread the importance of believing in your dreams. The resounding effect of these characters inspired Randy to form Dreamers Ave., a company committed to providing the motivational tools necessary to keep our youth’s imagination alive. Dreamers Ave. is just one of several tools Randy has used to share his artistic passion and to engage his community.

A graffiti artist at heart, Randy’s artwork is a robust representation of positivity. He believes that a positive attitude can awaken inner strength and promote creativity. Randy was recently interviewed by 13WMAZ in Macon, Georgia, for a wall he sprayed in his hometown neighborhood during the summer of 2015. The area has always been near and dear to Randy, but, with crime on the rise, it has taken a turn for the worse. This is why Randy believes it is imperative to spread love and positivity through his art to his community and others, and is determined to spread his belief worldwide.Why not, he’s a dreamer!